Zalgirio Arena Swimming Pool internal rules of procedure

  1. General provisions
    1. Visitors may use the following Kaunas City Amusement and Sports Palace facilities at the Zalgirio Arena swimming pool, located in the Zalgirio Arena premises 1u1/g, Karaliaus Mindaugo av. 50, Kaunas (hereinafter referred to as the Pool): a 50-metre swimming pool, a 25-metre swimming pool, entertainment pools, whirlpools, saunas.
    2. The manager of the swimming pool (hereinafter referred to as the “Manager”) – UAB “KAUNO ARENA” (legal entity code 302505310, registered office address Karaliaus Mindaugo av. 50, Kaunas, tel. +37068794752, e-mail:
    3. Visitor – any person who has purchased a ticket, season ticket, gift voucher, received a pass or entered the Pool by any other lawful means determined by the Manager. The conditions and procedure for the purchase, exchange and return of tickets and season tickets shall be governed by these Rules (hereinafter referred to as the Rules).
    4. The Rules shall determine the procedure of servicing of visitors to the Pool (provision of services), mandatory safety, hygiene and other requirements for visitors, the rights, duties and responsibilities of the Manager of the Pool and the visitors, the conditions of sale of tickets, subscriptions and additional services.
    5. The Rules shall be publicly available and shall be binding on all visitors to the Pool, regardless of their age. Before entering into a contract for the services of the Pool (i.e., purchasing a ticket or a subscription), a person must familiarize himself with these Rules and abide by them when using the Pool services.
    6. The Visitor is fully responsible for their own health condition and ability to use the services provided by the Pool. The Manager and its employees shall not be liable for any health problems, injuries or accidents sustained by the Visitor while using the Pool.
    7. Persons of any age are entitled to use the services of the Pool, except for the exceptions provided in these Rules.
    8. The following persons are not permitted to use the Pool:
      1. Persons suffering from COVID-19 or any other viral/infectious disease, persons suspected of suffering from COVID-19 or any other viral/infectious disease, and persons who have had contact with a person suffering from COVID-19 (coronavirus infection);
      2. Those with infectious diseases;
      3. Patients with conjunctivitis, infectious skin diseases;
      4. Persons with open wounds;
      5. Persons under the influence of alcohol, narcotic or psychotropic substances;
      6. Persons with other medical conditions which pose or may pose a threat to their health and safety or that of other visitors;
      7. Persons whose behavior endangers the Pool, its safety and hygiene, or contravenes the rules of good behavior accepted by society;
    9. Children under the age of 16 may only visit the Pool when accompanied by an adult who is responsible for their safety. The adult must be over 18 years of age and take full responsibility for the safety, health, behavior, compliance with these Rules, the safekeeping of the children’s belongings and the safe locking of lockers. One adult may accompany no more than 4 (four) children.
    10. Minors between 16 and 18 years of age can visit the pool independently, but they need the written consent of their parents/guardians. Parental/guardian consent must be signed at the pool reception upon arrival with the minor child. Parental/guardian consent is valid until the child reaches the legal age.
    11. Persons with disabilities who, due to their medical condition, need to be supervised by another person may only use the pool when accompanied by an adult supervisor or personal assistant.
    12. The Pool may be temporarily closed for technical maintenance with prior notice.
    13. Use of the Pool may be restricted or suspended during publicly announced competitions. Visitors are informed about the planned events at, at the reception and/or on social networks. This period is not compensated.
    14. Visitors are obliged to leave the Pool 15 (fifteen) minutes before the end of the Pool’s opening hours or immediately after being instructed to do so by staff. Visitors must leave through the gates (turnstile) before the end of the Pool opening hours, if they leave later an additional fee will apply.
    15. In case of any questions or uncertainties, visitors should contact the Pool staff.
  2. Ticket purchase procedure, rates
    1. Ticket prices are available at the Pool Box Office and on the website, tickets are sold at the Pool Box Office or on the website.
    2. The number of tickets sold and the number of chip bracelets issued must correspond to the actual number of persons entering through the entrance gate. Wristbands shall not be issued to children under the age of 7 years unless otherwise requested by the visitor.
    3. Tickets may be temporarily unavailable due to technical difficulties or when all lockers are occupied.
    4. Any person who has purchased a ticket or season ticket and chooses not to use the Pool services will not be refunded or exchanged for another type of ticket or season ticket.
    5. If a person loses a season ticket, a duplicate season ticket may be issued on request.
    6. A pool season ticket may only be used by the person to whom the season ticket is assigned. It is forbidden to share the pass with other persons. The season ticket may be transferred to another person (point 2.13)
    7. For serious breaches of these Rules, the Pool Management has the right to cancel the validity of the season ticket.
    8. Due to technical difficulties, during events, for other important reasons, the Pool may temporarily prohibit the use of certain services: jacuzzis, swimming pools, saunas, group activities, etc. In this case, the ticket price will not be recalculated and no refund will be given.
    9. Children under 4 years of age are free of charge.
    10. For children aged 4 to 18 years, the set pool rates apply.
    11. Anyone wishing to purchase a discounted ticket or season ticket must provide proof of identity (flyer, card, certificate, etc.).
    12. In case of doubt as to the visitor’s age or if it is necessary to establish the visitor’s identity, the staff of the Pool has the right to ask the visitor to present a personal identification document (passport, ID card, school/student ID card, etc.).
    13. If a visitor who has already left the Pool wishes to re-enter the Pool area, he/she must purchase a new ticket.
    14. Re-registration of the membership is priced in the price list. Membership can be reissued twice during the membership validity period at the reception.
    15. The conditions of use of the membership are described in the contract or in the instructions for use of the membership card.
  3. Chips bracelet, its purpose and use
    1. When selling a ticket or season ticket to the Pool, a chip bracelet of the corresponding color is issued, which is assigned to each visitor individually.
    2. The chip bracelet must be activated within the first 15 minutes of entering through the entrance gates. If the chip bracelet is not activated within the first 15 minutes, it will be automatically blocked and the visitor will not be refunded.
    3. The exact validity period, time of visit and conditions of the ticket or subscription can be found in the price list at the reception or
    4. A credit is given to those who receive a chip bracelet, which the visitor can use to purchase additional services in the Pool. The credit limit is set according to the rates in force at the time.
    5. Visitors who have exhausted their credit limit and wish to top it up must pay their bill at the exit counters.
    6. Persons who have received wristbands must enter through the entrance gates one at a time, holding the wristband against the reader on the gate. The time spent in the Pool starts from the moment the visitor enters through the entrance gate and stops when the visitor exits through the exit gate with the wristband on.
    7. Access to the Pool is also possible with a biometric service. The time spent in the Pool starts from the moment the person is identified by placing a finger on the scanning sensor on the top of the turnstiles. The time stops when the visitor exits through the exit gates by activating it with the wristband.
    8. With a chip bracelet in the Pool area, a visitor can:
      1. unlock and lock the lockers;
      2. purchase goods and services at the bar, rental desk, etc;
      3. view the information on the smart wristband in the infoterminal.
    9. If a visitor loses their smart wristband or damages the electronic part of the smart wristband, they must go to the cash desk and ask the staff to lock the smart wristband.
    10. Before leaving the Pool, the visitor must pay at the cash desk. The amount due from the visitor for the services provided and/or goods purchased in the Pool is then displayed.
    11. If the visitor leaves early, i.e. before the full time limit has been reached, the visitor will not be refunded for the time not used.
    12. Exceeding the time limit of the Pool (time not paid for when purchasing the chip bracelet) or leaving after the Pool’s official opening hours will be charged as follows:
      1. if the visitor exceeds the time limit, the additional time is charged from the first minute and is calculated for each additional minute;
      2. the fee shall be calculated according to the rates in force at the time and shall be paid at the cash desk.
    13. If the visitor is unable to pay for the additional time or services rendered, the money shall be recovered from the visitor in accordance with the procedure laid down by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
    14. Visitors who cause damage to the Pool shall be liable in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. Damage caused by minors shall be the responsibility of their parents (guardians) or accompanying persons.
  4. Other general information
    1. The opening hours of the pool are posted on the entrance door and on the website;
    2. Summer hours are set by the administration and are published additionally. The opening hours of the pool are specified in the administration office and on the website
    3. The pool may be open for a shorter period of time during public holidays of the Republic of Lithuania, subject to information being provided on the website at the reception and/or on social networks. Weekend rates apply during public holidays of the Republic of Lithuania, with no group lessons being held.
    4. Opening hours of the baths are posted on the pool notice board and on the website
    5. Information on stopping and renewing monthly, bimonthly and long-term subscriptions can be found in the price list and  
    6. For their safety, persons in the pool are monitored by video cameras in the swimming pool area.
    7. Smoking is not allowed in the Pool area.
    8. The Pool is not responsible for visitors’ personal belongings left in the Pool premises or in unlocked lockers.
    9. Items left by visitors and subsequently found by other visitors or Pool staff and handed over to the Manager shall be stored at the Administration for 5 (five) calendar days.
    10. When the locker is locked, the red indicator in the lock housing shall be illuminated, when the locker is unlocked, the indicator shall become inactive. Visitors must check carefully that the locker is securely locked.
    11. Each visitor shall be entitled to use no more than one locker.
    12. In the event of a breach of these Rules, the visitor must leave the Pool immediately if requested to do so by the Manager.
    13. Visitors who experience any health problems in the pool must contact the pool attendant or other staff.
    14. Visitors to the pool must wear slippers suitable for wet, slippery conditions.
    15. Swimmers must wear swimming costumes for the pool.
    16. Longer hair must be tied in a hair band/braid.
    17. Visitors must shower before entering and leaving the pool area.
    18. The depth of the large pool (50m) is 2.2 m, so only visitors who can swim can use it. The 25m pool has a depth of 0.8 m, the leisure pool has a depth of 1.20 – 1.40 m and the children’s pool 0.30 m.
    19. Keep to the right when swimming in the lanes.
    20. Drinking and eating is only allowed in the leisure area of the swimming pool, located in the bar zone.
    21. In the lounge area, a towel must be placed on the sun loungers under the entire body.
    22. Warning signs are posted in certain areas that require more care and must be observed.
    23. Any visitor entering the pool with a minor child (under 16) must supervise the child and not leave them alone and is responsible for their safety.
  5. Rules for swim-up bars and restaurant
    1. Alcoholic beverages are not sold to visitors under the age of 20 and energy drinks are not sold to visitors under the age of 18 in the pool restaurant and bars.
    2. Bar staff have the right not to serve persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs/psychotropic substances or dangerous behavior.
    3. The visitor undertakes to consume alcoholic beverages responsibly and to assess their ability to remain alert and safe in the water.
    4. Visitors undertake to consume beverages safely, not to pour them into the pool and not to leave empty containers outside the designated areas.
    5. It is forbidden to leave drinks unattended.
    6. The pool staff is not responsible for visitors’ drinks left unattended.
    7. Restaurant food must only be consumed in the restaurant area.
    8. It is forbidden to eat while in the water or outside the designated restaurant area.
    9. It is forbidden to take bar or restaurant crockery/cutlery away.
    10. It is forbidden to carry food/snacks around the Pool area unless in designated takeaway containers;
    11. Visitors are responsible for payments made at the bar or restaurant using their own wristbands and those of people under their responsibility.
    12. Parents or persons accompanying children are responsible for the use of the credit on their children’s wristbands for payments in the bar or restaurant and must pay for their purchases at the exit counter when leaving the pool.
    13. Before leaving the Pool, the visitor must pay at the exit counter for the goods they have purchased.
    14. The bar staff has the right not to serve visitors without further explanation.
    15. The Restaurant will automatically add a service charge of 10% (ten percent) of the amount spent to the visitor’s bill for services purchased in the bar or restaurant.
    16. The visitor has the right to waive the service charge before paying with the wristband, the service charge cannot be cancelled after payment.
  6. Sauna area rules
    1. Visitors are requested not to make noise in the sauna area.
    2. Visitors must bring a towel to the bathing area.
    3. In the dry baths, only a towel is allowed, and in the baths the visitor is required to stretch it out on the wooden loungers under the whole body.
    4. Before entering and using the baths, and before entering the pools and whirlpools, it is necessary to take a shower.
    5. Slippers must be left at the entrance to the dry sauna.
    6. In the steam room, the seating area must be washed with a shower. Use the shower in such a way that you do not disturb people in the vicinity.
    7. We recommend that you do not wear jewelry in the sauna area.
    8. Those who do not respect the rules of the sauna area will be warned. Repeated offences may result in the customer being asked to leave the bathing area and not being allowed in again.
    9. It is forbidden to pour your own scents and liquids on the sauna stones (point 10.2).
  7. Visitors’ rights and obligations
    1. Visitors have the right to:
      1. use the services provided by the Pool;
      2. to claim compensation from the Manager for any damage suffered by the visitor as a result of the fault of the Manager, in accordance with the procedures laid down in these Rules and the legislation.
    2. The Visitor undertakes to:
      1. before using the services provided by the Pool, make sure that their health and physical abilities allow them to use them. The negative consequences of non-compliance with this requirement shall be borne by the visitor;
      2. strictly comply with the requirements set out in these Rules when staying in the Pool and using the services provided therein;
      3. wear and use only the chip bracelet assigned to them while in the Pool;
      4. comply with the instructions of the Manager’s staff with regard to safety requirements and compliance with these Rules;
      5. use only swimming attire: swimsuit for women and girls, swimming trunks for men and boys.
      6. Children under the age of 3 must wear nappies suitable for being in the water.
  8. Manager’s rights and obligations
    1. The Manager has the right to:
      1. exclude from the Pool any person whose behavior may disturb the order, endanger the safety of other visitors, the hygiene of the Pool and/or contravene socially accepted norms of behavior;
      2. exclude persons from the Pool if they do not agree to abide by or understand these Rules;
      3. change the list of services provided by the Pool and/or their fees at any time without prior notice;
      4. exclude from the Pool visitors who violate the Rules, disregard the warning signs, disobey the requirements indicated on the signs, or do not comply with the instructions of the staff. In this case, no refunds will be made;
      5. unilaterally amend the Rules by making them public;
      6. not admit persons without further explanation;
      7. The Manager has the right to organize private evenings in the Pool.
  9. Recommendations for visitors
    1. The Pool Management recommends that visitors planning to enjoy themselves should assess their physical abilities and health conditions (e.g., chronic illnesses, injuries, pregnancy, etc.).
    2. Visitors are advised not to bring expensive and/or valuable items (jewelry, watches, mobile phones, etc.) to the Pool, which may be damaged by humidity or lost.
    3. Visitors are advised not to use the services of the Pool while wearing any type of jewelry or any other accessories that may cause damage to themselves and/or the Pool’s equipment.
    4. Jumping, diving, stunts, holding your breath underwater, attempting to dive across the pool or any other difficult or risky actions are strictly prohibited.
  10. Prohibitions in the pool
    1. The following are prohibited in the pool:
      1. Loud shouting, whistling, falsely calling for help, running (which may cause slipping and injury), pushing, rough behavior, interfering with other visitors’ use of the Pool;
      2. bringing glass, breakable, sharp objects;
      3. Bringing food and drinks (except drinking water in unbreakable containers);
      4. visiting with animals;
      5. sliding on stair railings, climb on steel structures or otherwise damaging equipment in the Pool;
      6. spitting on the floor and in the water, or performing natural urges outside the toilets;
      7. leaving children under 16 years of age unsupervised;
      8. diving exercises may only be carried out by the visitor after informing the lifeguard. The visitor assumes all responsibility and risks to their health and safety, including death or any other damage to their health, when diving;
      9. wearing outdoor footwear, except in the area up to the changing room;
      10. using a chip bracelet not assigned to the visitor;
      11. jumping into the water from the edges of swimming pools, jacuzzis or diving into jacuzzis;
      12. children under 3 years of age to swim in the pools without wearing nappies;
      13. filming and taking photographs in all areas of the Pool without the permission of the service provider;
      14. pouring drinks into the pools or whirlpools;
      15. shaving and/or waxing in the Pool;
      16. wringing wet clothes (swimwear, briefs, towels, etc.) on the floor in the changing rooms;
      17. visiting the pool under the influence of alcohol, drugs and psychotropic substances;
      18. using the Pool if you have a medical condition or are unwell.
      19. Swimming naked in the pools and baths.
    2. In the sauna area it is forbidden:
      1. Bringing your own infusions, extracts and vapors into the baths and using them;
      2. pouring water on the stones in the baths;
      3. adjusting appliances in the baths;
      4. being under the influence of alcohol, narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances in the baths.
  11. Responsibility
    1. Any visitor who causes damage to the Pool, its property, visitors’ property and/or health shall be liable in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. Damage caused by minors or persons with disabilities shall be the responsibility of their parents or guardians.
    2. The police shall be called immediately if the pool management or staff suspect that a visitor has committed a criminal offence.
    3. Parents, guardians or other adults accompanying minors are responsible for familiarizing minors and persons with disabilities who are present with them with the Rules and for ensuring that they comply with these Rules.
    4. Compensation for material damage for lost or damaged equipment shall be at the rates approved at the time.
    5. The visitor is responsible for the rented items and shall compensate the Pool for damages in the event of their loss. In the event of non-return or damage to the rented item, the visitor shall pay the prescribed fine at the exit ticket office in accordance with the rates established at the time.
    6. In the event of damage to property and/or non-property in the Pool, the visitor shall immediately notify the Pool management or a member of its staff of the damage, stating the place, time and circumstances of the incident and the persons who witnessed the incident. If the visitor does not comply with this condition, subsequent complaints and claims for damage to health and/or property shall not be considered.
    7. The Manager shall not investigate the claims of the visitor and shall not be liable for any material and/or non-material damage suffered by the visitor in the Pool if the visitor has not complied with the requirements and/or recommendations set out in these Rules.
    8. The Operator shall not be liable for visitors’ personal belongings or for their loss and/or partial damage, including visitors’ swimming costumes damaged by the slides or by chlorinated water.
    9. The Pool shall not be liable to third parties for any consequences or damage to the health and property of visitors, and shall not accept or investigate any claims if such consequences are caused by the visitors’ own negligence, failure to comply with these Rules, the information provided on warning signs and notices, or the failure to comply with the lawful instructions of the Pool staff.

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